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The OnePlus Two was announced on July 27 at the UK as scheduled and from how it looks and performs during its official presentation, it seems like the Chinese smartphone maker is right on cue when it boldly hyped its latest smartphone as the 2016’s flagship killer

The 64GB model of the OnePlus Two will officially hit the markets in the US, India, UK, and the rest of Europe on August 11. The latest flagship smartphone of OnePlus will make it to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and several other countries later this year, reports Tech Radar.

There is an entry level 16GB variant but would be ship later in the year. It is certainly cheaper than the 64GB model, but it comes with less internal storage of only 3GB of RAM. The 64GB variant comes with a 4GB of RAM.

Some 15 months after the release of the OnePlus One last year, which turned out to be the most exciting Android phone of 2014 and eventually dubbed as the 2014/15 flagship killer, OnePlus Two has finally emerged

True to the hype about the smartphone, OnePlus did make some significant improvements to the features and specifications of the OnePlus Two compared to its predecessor, while keeping its price relatively low.

The Chinese smartphone maker is retailing the 16GB variant of the OnePlus Two at $329 or about £239 while its 64GB model is to be sold at $389 or about £289.

Better of everything

Generally, the smartphone features better of everything compared to the OnePlus One, from the display on the front, to the camera in the back, and to the internal chips in between. The smartphone indeed is primed to become the 2016 flagship killer.

Trusted Reviews cited that the smartphone matches up in many ways to its competitors which offer their high-end smartphones at twice the price. But OnePlus Two is not claiming that it’s better than the rest of the flagship smartphones of today. Just like its OnePlus One, the Chinese handset maker is positioning its OnePlus Two as a very worthy option to today’s flagship smartphones and even those upcoming in 2016.

The first impressions by critics on OnePlus Two is that it is an extraordinary phone and one that is sure to upset the status quo in the mobile communications world, as much as its predecessor did in 2014.

Without directly saying it, OnePlus is actually alluding to consumers that high-end specifications and features need not normally come with a high price too. That is actually more than enough to lure buyers into looking towards the direction of OnePlus Two.

In fact, word has it that immediately after the official launch of the device at the UK on July 27, many people in the world have been all over the internet looking for ways to get an invite from OnePlus in order for them to get the opportunity to purchase the OnePlus Two. Unlike other smartphones, OnePlus handsets are not normally found on mobile phone or gadget retail stores but are merely ordered online.

Not meant to compete

But in a statement on the company’s official blog, the Chinese smartphone maker said that OnePlus Two was not created to compete with the flagship smartphones this year and those to be released still early next year.

OnePlus claimed that it is more interested in looking further into the future because their OnePlus One has ignited a whole new way of thinking for them. The company also said that it has grown in number and experience but what remained constant is its insatiable hunger to create new waves in the industry.

OnePlus added that it has no intention of joining the ranks of the big players in the industry because it believes that its success and direction should not be dictated by the yardstick created by companies trying to stifle the innovation they purportedly inspire.

Consistent with the previous rumors and speculations about the smartphone, the OnePlus Two featured a 5.5-inch display screen with 1080-pixel resolution. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and is dual-SIM capable.

It features a fingerprint sensor and has a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 5-megapixel front-facing snapper. It also has a powerful 3,300 mAH battery.

It is also quite striking to note that the OnePlus Two looks and feels like a well-made smartphone that utilizes quality materials. But it generally feels like a OnePlus One because the back features the same rough textured plastic, which feels more like a stone than the slick plastic of other phones. Of course, the advantage of it is the fact that it is easier to grip with the hands than the slippery smooth plastics of other smartphones.

The back is also easier to remove too compared to OnePlus One. The rear cover peels off the metal frame without any fuss, which is the same frame that makes all the difference.

While it is not an ultra slim handset, the OnePlus Two is both narrower and shorter when compared to the iPhone 6 Plus with the same screen size. For those users who have been accustomed to using 5-inch screens, they would not find any trouble adapting and using the OnePlus Two as well.

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